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“Great men hallow a whole people, and
Lift up all who live in their time”

One cannot but remember these words of Sidney Smith on learning about the Founder of this institution Sri. A.M.S. Ganesan. This great man whose life was yet another glorious example of the rags-to-riches phenomenon lived a noble life giving life and succour to thousands of people in his score-and-odd industries and institutions. Of all the establishments he raised in his lifetime he held this institution dear to his heart. Under his loving care the institution grew up in rapid strides since the founding moments in 1981 and never faltered in its progress.

When the Founder departed in 1992 his eldest son Sri. A.M.S.G. Vijayakumar inherited a legacy of his example, an example of commitment, dedication and perseverance. Ably assisted by his three younger brothers Sri. Vijayakumar led the Management of this Polytechnic and took the institution to further heights of excellence. But by the inscrutable decree of God the young chairman was snatched away to heavenly life in 1996. The new Chairman Smt. Rajeshwari Vijayakumar headed the Management admirably, but in 2001, as God willed it, she joined her life partner in the heaven. The Management, however, quickly recovered under the new Chairmanship of Sri. A.M.S.G. Ashokan. The new Management has ensured the sustenance of the fast pace of growth of the institution till date.
All the Management members belong to the family of famous Arasan Group of Industries, Sivakasi. This expansive industrial group consists of Match factories, Fire works factories, Printing presses, Metal powder manufacturing units, Textile mill, Sulphur unit and a Finance company. The group is a leading exporter of matches, crackers and aluminium powder and is a recipient of CAPEXIL Award for excellence in export.

Members of the Governing Council :
  • Thiru. G. Ashokan, B.Com.,          Chairman-cum-Correspondent
  • Thiru. G.V. Karthik, Treasurer
  • Tmt. Nalini Ashokan, Member/Management
  • Tmt. Sharmilah Jeyagraham,  Member/Management
  • Thiru. T.D. Rajendran, Member/Management
  • Thiru.M. Nandakumar, M.E,
  • Principal i/c & Ex-officio Member / Secretary
  • The Director of Technical Education, DOTE, Chennai
  • Nominee of Govt. of Tamilnadu
  • The Principal, Tamilnadu Polytechnic College, Madurai.
  • Nominee of State Board of Technical Education and Training
  • The Principal, Sankar Polytechnic College, Sankar Nagar.
  • Educationalist from the region nominated by the State Govt.
  • The Director, SRO, AICTE, Chennai
  • Nominee of All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi
  • Nominee of Southern Regional Council