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Transfer Program by WID Cell

Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic College, Sivakasi

Women in Development Cell

Transfer Programme on Soft Skills

Resource Persons: 1. Selvi. C.Balaabirami, III Year Computer
2. Selvi. P.Koodammal, III Year Computer
3. Selvi. S.Krusika, III Year Computer
Date: 18-08-2017 4. Selvi. K.Anitha, III Year Computer
5. Selvi. M.Murugeswari, III Year Computer



  • The Principal inaugurated the meeting by his valuable presidential address.
  • Five of our girl students participated a one week training course conducted by Mahindra Pride School on "Soft Skills"
  • They were shared their experiences and Ideas what they learned.
  • They threw light on the topic such as "Goal Setting, Uniqueness, English Communication, Grooming, Hygenic, Friendship and Brain Work"
  • Selvi.M.Murugeswari on her topic "Goal Setting", she insisted the proverb "Success is a Journey, not a destination".
  • Selvi.K.Anitha Quoted the important Dr.Abdul Kalam’s valuable proverbs listed below:
  1. I am the best
  2. I can do this
  3. God is always with me
  4. I am a winner
  5. Today is my day

WID Cell Manager