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 Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic College, Sivakasi

Junior Jaycees Club & Student Services Cell

Students Service Cell conducted a one day programme on “Guidance & Counseling for slow learners & attitude change students” by Mr.R.Ganesh, Life Improvement Mind Engineering (LIME) on 16.08.2016. Ten Students from each department [Total 110 Nos.] participated in this programme. 

The function started in a grand manner with the welcome address by Thiru.M.Pugazh, Academic Officer and the presidential address by our respected Principal Thiru M. Nandakumar. In his speech, he remembered the services and success stories of Mr.R.Ganesh and importance of guidance and counseling for students.

Then Mr.R.Ganesh started his lecture and the orientation of the lecture was unique. He narrated the students about his career in the field of their department. He highlighted the fact that technical students can achieve a lot when compared to other students could not have, even imagined. He boosted the confidence among the students that he started his technical studies as a diploma student. 

He also encouraged the students to develop the communication skills in any language for example English language is not as difficult as they presume but it will be quite easier only if they practice regularly. In fact he said he himself framed the first sentence in English at his first job as receptionist. This really created a confidence among the students that they could also better themselves in communication English. He advised the students that they should love their subjects and also must try to learn many things apart from the academic studies.

He explained that currently student’s interests are more on Social Medias, fun and joy. He explained why the students not interested in studies and students have not any clear goal and plan for achieving their goal.

He showed lot of success stories through videos and photos like (a) physically disabled student got job at Google, USA, (b) Auto driver daughter Prema of Mumbai got Ist place in CA exam and (c) 21 years old student runs a software company at Mumbai, etc.

In the afternoon section, Mr.R.Ganesh counseled our students. He spent time with the students individually and asked their problems. He offered possible solutions to individually. He gave lot of advice to change their attitude and explained on how to focus their minds into studies and on how to create interest in subjects. The common students related problems identified through counseling are:

  • Not concentration in studies
  • Not interested in subjects
  • Poor memory power
  • Always roaming with friends 
  • Create a Hero image in the class room
  • Very interested to playing with friends
  • Interested using Laptop (like watching movies, playing games)
  • Usages of Cell phones (like browsing, chatting)

The programme was organized by Mr.S.Uthanu Mallayan, Manager, Students Services Cell in a nice manner. Finally, written feedback was given by students.