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Canada-India Institutional Co-operation Project
(Established under Canada India Institutional Cooperation Project)
Our Institution is one among the four polytechnics selected for the replication process of CIICP under Phase-II based on our overall performance and achievements. The Project is in operation from 01-04-1999. It is a process-oriented Project and not person oriented. The CIICP has proved to be an ideal model for strengthening the institutional capabilities and continuing education programmes at the polytechnics.
Strategic Planning
Apart from adopting curriculum and evaluation system stipulated by Board of Technical Education we also offer consultancy services and need-based courses for the upliftment of the society through various programmes by optimum utilization of available resources, through strategic planning. Based upon the SWOT Analysis, periodically revised and reviewed, the following Thrust Areas are identified. Each Thrust Area is looked after by one Manager and Back up. The Strategic Planning and Implementation Committee which comprises all the HODs, Process Champion and the Thrust Area Managers under the leadership of the Principal, assembles periodically to devise and implement policies and guidelines for the overall and wholistic development of the institution.
Thrust Areas
Sl. No.
Thrust Areas
Continuing Education Cell Mr.S.Balakrishnan Mr.J.Francis Xavier Thenraj
Management Information System Cell Mr.B.Krishnakumar Mr.A.Nagendran
Staff Development Cell Mrs. S.Palaniselvi Mr.M.Rajkumar
III Cell Mr.N.Sivaraman Mr.S.Rajarathinam
Student Services Cell Mr.S.Uthanu Mallayan Mr. S.Marimuthu
Equipment Maintenance & Repair Centre Mr.M.Subburaj Mr.P.Ramesh Sankar
Environment Development Cell Mr.K.Velmurugan Mr. P.Muthuraj
Women in Development Cell Mrs.P.Kalyanasundari Mrs. S.Palaniselvi
Strategic Goal
Our Mission is to,
  • Offer Diploma, Post-Diploma, Sandwich and Certificate courses
  • Meet the needs of the Industry, Business and Society
  • Mould disciplined, competent and job-ready technicians to strengthen the nation’s human resources.
  • Instill sportsmanship and citizenship values in students for personality development
  • Foster the community around and conduct need based courses to improve their status
  • Liaise with Government organizations and NGOs for the upliftment of community
  • Orient all the programmes towards students’ welfare
  • Progress in all these endeavours backed by supportive management and active and committed leadership
  • Be a role model and pioneer institution in the technical education.  
Our Objectives are to,
  • Maintain Guidance & Counselling Activities
  • Organise Programmes for Personality Development
  • Improve the Communication Skills of Students
  • Arrange Campus Interviews
  • Enhance AGPC - AGPC Alumni Association Interaction
  • Organise Technical Skill Test
  • Depute Staff to attend STTPs
  • Encourage Paper Presentation and Publication of Books
  • Organise In-House Transfer Programs
  • Organise Induction Training Programs
  • Plan and Conduct Con.Ed.Programmes
  • Maintain and Update MIS in the Campus
  • Develop Software for Stock Maintenance System
  • Develop Software for Con.Ed.Administration
  • Maintain EMRC
  • Plan and Organize Lectures / Seminars
  • Maintain the Green Campus
  • Arrange Workshop / Lecture / Training Programmes
  • Arrange In-Plant Training for Students
  • Arrange Industrial Visits for Students
  • Organise Guest Lectures for Students
  • Arrange Career Guidance Programme for Students
  • Arrange Industrial Training for Faculty
  • Establish MoU / Membership with Industries / Organisations / Associations
  • Organise Open House Exhibition Exclusively for Industrialists
1. Continuing Education Cell:
The Continuing Education Cell established under CIICP organizes courses in association with the different departments to meet the needs of the Students, Working professionals and local industrialists.
The centre offers several need-based skill enhancements and personality development programmes both opted by students and industries. The programmes are arranged for our inmates as well as outsiders.
Programmes offered
Workshops and Seminars have become our routine activities. Most of the winter and summer vacations are spent usefully on state level programmes, sampled below:
Computer Training Courses
  • ‘C’ Language for microcontroller programming
  • Flash with script
  • Flash
  • Computer hardware servicing
  • Programming techniques
  • E-publishing
  • MS office
  • VB.NET
  • CorelDraw
  • Multimedia
  • Asp.net
  • Desktop publishing
  • Netware and scrutiny
  • C++ programming
  • Computer networks

Course for S.F.R.College Students

Skill Development Courses
  • Total Station Surveying
  • Auto CAD R 2004
  • CNC Lathe programming & operation
  • Printing machines operation & maintenance
  • Servicing & Maintenance of domestic electrical appliance servicing
  • TALLY (Accounting software)
  • Screen printing
  • Basic of short hand
  • Training for Technicians
  • Micro processor programming
  • VHDL programming
  • Foundation course on Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Repair & maintenance of two wheeler
  • Designing Analog & Digital circuits
  • 3D modeling
  • Offset machines operation
  • Programmable logic controller programming
  • Design of structures
  • Embedded system design using micro controller
  • Visual Basic programming
  • Bio medical instrumentation
  • Gas welding
  • STAAD PRO & CONTOUR Preparation.
  •  Cable TV & DTH
  • Workshop on soft skills
  • Sheet fed offset machine operator
  • Spoken English and Hindi
  • Typewriting keyboard skills
Personality Development courses
  • Hobby Electronics
  • Self-esteem
  • Time Management
  • Learning skill workshop
  • Car driving
  • Office automation
  • Internet & HTML
  • Soft skill

Maintain a sophisticated MIS
For effective and efficient handling of the existing MIS data in the campus, it has to be updated continuously and validated, Hence the MIS Manager and his team will maintain the database and related software promptly.

3.1 Sponsor staff for various short-term training programs / workshops / seminars / symposia and conferences
To keep pace with the emerging trends in Science and Technology and the changing needs in the field of Technical Education, the competencies of the staff are to be periodically updated. For this we will sponsor the staff for various short-term training programs / Workshops / seminars / Conferences conducted by external agencies.
3.2 Conduct in-house Transfer Programs
To empower the staff to discharge their duties and responsibilities with competency and commitment and thereby ensuring positive outcomes, we will organize periodical in – house training programs on subject updating in emerging areas of Science and Technology.
3.3 Arrange Induction training Programs
To tune the skills of the newly recruited faculty, training programs will be organized for a minimum of two days. The senior faculty will observe the proceedings of the “micro teaching” and feedbacks will be given to motivate them for better performance.
4.1 Arrange Industrial Visits
For updating the practical knowledge of our students, we have to plan and arrange for periodical industrial visits to relevant industries. For this the ILO will initiate the necessary steps to be taken.
4.2 Arrange In-plant training
Students have to be trained on actual shop-floors for acquiring relevant practical skills and hand-on-practice. For this, the PO will arrange for the in plant training of the students in related industries during summer and winter vacations. The PO will contact the business houses / industries for in plant training. He will also collect the feed back forms from the students.
4.3 Arrange Special guest / expert lectures / seminars / training workshops
Students have to be given exposure to the latest advancements in the emerging areas of Science and Technology through face-to-face interaction with experts in the chosen field. For this the ILO in coordination with the HODs will arrange for periodical special lectures / seminars / and workshops on technical and related themes.
5.1 Maintain Guidance & Counseling Activities
The existing guidance and counselling practice will be continued. A suggestion box, which is in vogue, will be continued. The staff advisors of various classes will counsel their wards to redress their grievances without detriment to the normal working hours of the polytechnic.
5.2 Organise Programmes for Personality Development
To improve the overall performance of students, the staff in charges of various clubs will persuade the students to participate in different programs organized by various clubs and associations inside and outside the campus especially for self and professional development.
5.3 Arrange for placement through on campus and Off-campus interviews
For better placement of our students the placement officer will arrange for on campus and off- campus interviews for all the disciplines. He will contact various agencies / organizations for conducting the campus interviews. The respective HOD’s should coordinate with the PO in this regard. The Principal will review the program once in a year.
5.4 Organize Aptitude / Reasoning / skill test
Many companies are selecting students in campus interviews based on their performance in tests like Aptitude, Logical reasoning, Numerical ability etc., Hence to familiarize them with such tests, the placement officer will organize skill tests for the willing students, in collaboration with the placement coordinators of various departments. As a first step, it is proposed to conduct skill tests after every monthlytest for all the disciplines.
5.5 Organise Career Guidance Programs
To enhance the student’s placement opportunities, leading executives from different industries will be invited to deliver career guidance lectures. For this the ILO in consultation with PO will organize career guidance programs for the Third year students of all branches.

6.1 Maintain a well equipped EMRC
We have to arrange for the servicing and proper upkeep of equipments and machinery. For this we will maintain an EMRC for repairing and servicing of equipments at the Polytechnic and also for taking up repairing and servicing job orders from external organizations, which will bring in IRG.


7.1 Organise programs for creating an awareness on environmental issues among students, staff and general public
In order to maintain a serene environment, we have to create a general awareness on environmental issues among the staff, students and the public. For this the action
leaders will organize various programs like lectures, painting, Drawing and slogan writing competitions, seminars etc, The activities will be reviewed in the regular
meetings with the Principal.
7.2 Strive strenuously for maintaining a clean green campus
We have to create a congenial and conducive atmosphere for effective teaching and learning. For this we will make all-out efforts for maintaining a clean, green campus through Regular campus cleaning campaigns, Planting of saplings, De weeding and clearing of bushes and Landscape Development.


8.1 Organise Skill oriented and value-based training programs for the girl students
In order to create a brave new cadre of creative, confident and competent young girls with pioneering spirit, we have to organize periodical training programs on
various life skills. For this the WIDRepresentative will organize programs on various topics. At least onelecture programs will be organized per semester and the
students will also be deputed to such workshops outside the campus.
8.2. Arrange seminars / lectures for the women staff and students
In order to enhance the competency profile of the women staff, we have to arrange for periodical seminar / lecture programs. For this the WID Representative will
organize programs inviting experts from outside. At least two programs will be organized to motivate the
women fraternity.
8.3. Organise awareness programs for the women in the community
The women in the community have to be re-oriented and inducted into the main stream of our social life. This is to be carried out by creating awareness among them. For this we will organize programs on topics like health, hygiene, maternity, Planned Parenthood, child care, civil rights and duties, family relationship, etc.

General Activities:
The WID Cell has been very active in conducting as many as 26 programms on areas like creating awareness, motivation, skill development, personality development, guidance and counselling.
The programms can be categorized into 14 Inhouse Lectures, 4 Guest Lectures, 1 Paper Presentation, 4 Group Discussions, 1 Social Surveys, 2 Contents (as a total of 26 programms).