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MODROBS (Modernization & Removal of Obsolescence)
The main objective of the MODROBS (Modernization & Removal of Obsolescence) project is to equip institutions with modern equipment / infrastructural facilities so that they can achieve a good performance level. In view of rapid advancements in technology and to keep students abreast with them, some of the selected institutions are provided with the modern equipments to replace the obsolete ones.
Under this scheme we have been sanctioned the following projects by AICTE :
Sl.No Year Title of the Project Project amount Remarks
1 2001 - 2002 Installation of VSAT Facility Rs. 8 lakhs Completed
2 2002-2003 Modernisation of Electronic testing and troubleshooting centre Rs.12.85 lakhs completed
3 2002-2004 Establishment of computer to film laboratory Rs. 14 lakhs Completed
4 2002 - 2003 Installation of Geographic information system Lab Rs. 6.60 lakhs Completed
5 2002 - 2003 Establishment of Bio Medical Instrumentation Lab Rs.5 lakhs Completed
6 2002-2003 Establishment of CAD/CAM Lab Rs.5 lakhs Completed
7 2003-2004 Establishment of PLC Lab Rs. 4 lakhs Completed
8 2003-2006 Establishment of Industry institute Partnership Cell   Rs. 9 lakhs   Completed
9 2003-2006 Establishment of Entrepreneurship Management and Development Cell Rs. 7 lakhs Completed
10 2004-2006 Modernisation of Electronics Lab Rs. 7 lakhs Completed
11 2009-2010 Modernisation of Printing Technology Lab with Quality Control Equipments Rs.7 Lakhs Completed
12 2012-2013 Modernization of Industrial Electronics Lab Rs. 13 Lakhs In Process
13 2012-2013 Modernization of Survey Laboratory Rs. 9.5 Lakhs In Process