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Glad I am to welcome you all into the green pastures of Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic College, a pleasant landmark of the reputed “Kutti Japan”. As the very name implies, the institution is kingly and royal in all its endeavors.  Founded in 1981, our institution crosses the 39th year, marching with a great and in imitable vision and mission. Yes we hitch our wagon to the stars. Our Arasan Ganesan Polytechnic College has played a vital role in promoting the socio-economic status of the rural folk in Virudhunagar District. With a very good infrastructure and competent staff team, we aim to bring out job-ready technicians and good citizens with desirable values to shoulder responsibilities voluntarily. The training and knowledge imparted to them in the classrooms and off the classroom hone their skills and techniques besides equipoise.
 Various cells and clubs-a dozen in number play an effective role in shaping their personality. Responsible leadership qualities are further developed by the different roles, the students are made to play. Such rare things are made possible by the unflinching service of the staff team. Each teacher acts as an advisor for a batch of 25 students offering great guidance and counseling. The Management Information System (MIS) covers all the personal and academic details of the students and keeps them always available for reference or remedial measures. Starting from individual student, we also take care of the community around through Community Development Through Polytechnics (CDTP) and National Service Scheme (NSS) and the physically challenged through Persons With Disabilities (PWD) Project.

  Apart from this, we have good tie-up with more than 300 industries including 4 from overseas. Alumni are always our assets. Their support, be it, in career guidance programme or recruitment, donating books to the library or taking care of the financially backward students is voluntary & enormous. Observing Mother’s Day & Engineer’s Day is double motivated because of their sponsorship. They visit their Alma Mater to share their success stories as well as slips if any, to inspire and educate their juniors. Our institution thus plays a pivotal role, catering to the needs of all the stakeholders and proves to be a unique and promising platform for strengthening the essential qualities of students in all good will and spirit.